Long Dog Letterpress

I am a lover of any paper craft!

What is cooler than using a hundred year old machine to create beautiful note cards, or putting together all the perfect elements for a scrapbook page, or coiling strips of paper into beautiful designs?  Nothing!

I have two antique letterpress machines. My first is a Kelsey Excelsior 5 x 8 tabletop platen press.  I don’t know the exact year it was built, but the patent was issued in the late 1800s and the model was produced through the early 1920s.  My second is a Golding Jobber #6 with an 8 by 12 chase.  It is from 1881.  What a cool machine.

I also love die cutting and use various machines from the Fiskar’s Fuse, to the Sizzix Big Shot, and my favorite Accucut Grande Marke.  I have hundreds of dies that allow me to make albums, card, boxes and various shapes.  I also have two electronic die cut machines, the Slice and a Cricut.  Can you tell I have an obsession?


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