Are Passport Photos Crafty?

Last night my husband and I had a fantastic time at the Madeleine Peyroux concert.  She has a fantastic voice, and if you have never heard her sing, you should.  The concert ended way after my bed time.  The concert venue is really close to our house, just over a mile away.  So we decided to walk home, instead of waiting for 30 minutes to catch a bus.  The evening was beautiful and we got to try out the new pedestrian bridge over the train tracks.

We got home around 11 and my husband tells me he need to have his passport picture done, because he has an appointment with the Consulate representative in the morning, (he is a permanent resident alien) and he needs to bring a picture with him to the meeting.  This could be easy, go to Walgreens and get the picture done in the morning.  Nope, won’t work because his country doesn’t use passport pictures the same size as we do in the US.  So we pull out the camera and spent an hour trying to get a good picture, and another hour playing with the photo editing program.

So I am counting that as my Wednesday night craft!


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