Day 2…

I was really torn yesterday about trying to stay in budget or to not waste food. Since part of this experiment was to better use what we buy, I went with use the food. I had one of those really tasty chopped salad mixes, the Chipotle one. Yum! It was at its expiration date, and even though it cost $3, I thought it was better to eat it than waste it. So I cooked up a chicken breast and had it for lunch. I shared with my friend, so the lunch cost $2.25, more than I wanted, and put me about $0.80 above what I wanted to spend, but I am happy with my choice. I have about $1 cushion in the weekly budget, so all should be good!

Day 1 – $3.40

Day 2 – $4.55

Day 3 – We shall see


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