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Snow Day – Stash Day

Today was a snow day, so in between work emails, I went upstairs and played with my stash. I have a huge stash of stuff. Card stock, patterned paper, and more. I am sure I have told you about my obsession with die cuts, Stampin’ Up, and Project Life cards. I love them all. I buy new and used Stampin’ Up, much to my husband’s consternation. I must have a couple of hundred stamp sets. Many of which I haven’t used yet.

So thinking about how to best use what I have, I got an idea. I could use my Project Life cards on the front greeting card. A while back I ordered a grab bag of envelopes from LCI paper (a great deal of 1000 assorted envelopes, for $40, you don’t know what you’ll get so it’s a surprise). Unfortunately, they sent a grab bag of card stock instead. When I called to let them know of the issue, they told me to keep the paper and sent me the envelopes. Yay for good customer service. So I found some A1 sized pieces in a moss green and looked through my gazillion Project Life cards and found a few I though would coordinate and got started. I used a Sizzix label die cut, pulled out a few random Stampin’ Up stamps and got to town:

I am pretty sure when my mini dachshund barks, she is saying “I hate the mailman!”

I used watercolor pencils for the car. I loved the little puff of smoke with this stamp set. It reminded me of my first car.

These little love birds are precious!

Now I need to find a few stamps and send them off to family and friends. Happy Tuesday to all!

Day 6 & 7

The weekend was way harder than the weekdays. Probably, because I was home near all my food! Eggs came to the rescue again. Saturday we made a tasty potato and egg salad with carrots and celery. Sunday was waffle night. My final count was $24.84.

Overall not too bad, but I did eat free food, you know when someone brings cookies to the office, etc. I also wasted some food, about a dollars worth of ham, two of tomatoes. To really do this right, I would need more planning. Definitely more planning.

So what is my takeaway from last week? I can spend less on food, but I want a bit more flexibility. $3.50 a day is quite restrictive – no coffee or soda, no going out ever, less cheese and less fresh fruits and veggies. I think I will keep up with the home made food, but allow an occasion dinner or lunch out. And I will bring back coffee in the morning, made at home. Wish me luck!

Days 4 & 5 – Eggs are your budget friend

Eggs are one of your best friends when talking budget. A very good source of protein and very tasty. Potatoes are also your friend. Very tasty whether boiled, or fried or roasted. On day three I went over budget with the cookies (they were taken to work where others could partake in their delightfulness), so I needed a few cheaper meals to get back on track.

Extremely cheap dinner 1: Roasted potatoes with dill and salt and a fried egg – $0.40

Extremely cheap dinner 2: Waffles -$0.30

Pretty cheap dinner 3: Home made corn tortillas with homemade black beans, onions and green pepper, and a little cheese and salsa, and an egg – $0.95

So for five days, I have spent $18.13 and I am only slightly over budget. Not bad.

Day 3 РFoiled by Valentine’s Day Cookies

Day three started really well, $0.75 for breakfast, $1.00 for lunch, a couple of snacks, and a really cheap dinner, roasted potatoes and a fried egg. What threw me was the cookies that ended up in my cart at Trader Joe’s. Heart shaped shortbread cookies with jam. Per cookie, $0.28. Three cookies were a whopping $0.84. (They sure were tasty though).

Although I was trying to spend less yesterday, to make up for the over spend on Tuesday, it did not work. My day three total was $3.70. Day 4, here I come!

Day 2…

I was really torn yesterday about trying to stay in budget or to not waste food. Since part of this experiment was to better use what we buy, I went with use the food. I had one of those really tasty chopped salad mixes, the Chipotle one. Yum! It was at its expiration date, and even though it cost $3, I thought it was better to eat it than waste it. So I cooked up a chicken breast and had it for lunch. I shared with my friend, so the lunch cost $2.25, more than I wanted, and put me about $0.80 above what I wanted to spend, but I am happy with my choice. I have about $1 cushion in the weekly budget, so all should be good!

Day 1 – $3.40

Day 2 – $4.55

Day 3 – We shall see

Day one… done

So day one of the great experiment went pretty well. We stayed in budget for the day and even had about $0.20 to spare. For breakfast I had homemade yogurt with honey and walnuts and a banana. A hard boiled egg for a snack, and a big bowl of barley mushroom soup for lunch. Mid day snack was a few almonds. Dinner was veggie fried rice with an egg. I think I am seeing a trend here… eggs.

Eggs are pretty cheap, even if you buy the expensive free range, organic ones. One friend suggested that I get some chickens, but that really seems like too much work.

This chicken sure looks happy!

How low can you go?

So my husband and I were chatting about how much food costs, and asked what is the cheapest two people can eat on for a month. At first I thought $150. Then I got real, and said $200. Looking at what we really spend (maybe three or four times this much) $200 a month will be difficult, really difficult.

So we are going to challenge ourselves to see if we can eat for a week on $50. This means, no Starbucks, no eating out, no drinking soda. It will mean lots of homemade food. We start Monday. We made yogurt yesterday to get us started for breakfast. I made some hard boiled eggs for high protein snacks and we have a mushroom barley soup cooking in the Instant Pot for lunch tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

Overly Ambitious?!?

Have you every had a really good idea?  I mean a really good one.  And then you find out you might be a tad bit over confident, overly ambitious?  You know, like at the all you can eat buffet.  The plate isn’t that big; one little bite of this; just a taste of that… eyes definitely bigger than your stomach. That is me with my new craft project.  

My friend showed me her French knitter (knitting dolly), and it looked easy and fun. What an easy thing to do while binge watching Netflix. So I learned how to use it in about 30 seconds and started knitting icord. I made a coaster and it looked great.  The I started thinking, “I need a new rug for the bedroom.”  I saw some beautiful icord rugs on Pinterest, “I can do this!”

I bought yarn and a bigger French knitter and got started.  Two weeks in, I have 9.5 inch rug.  I am going for 3.5 feet in diameter. So, I am about 1/10 of the the way done, and hope I can finish in 2017.

Anybody have a good Netflix recommendation?  I need a few!

Hallmark Movies Turn Your Brain to Mush…

So it is “Countdown to Christmas” on the Hallmark channel.  Did you know that they have two channels?  So all day long the play these really awesome (if you like sappy, formulaic, hokey love stories) Christmas movies.  You know the kind.  A woman meets a man in a ridiculous situation and they do not get along.  Sparks fly.  You know right away that they will fall in love. Something happens to make them realize that they love each other (usually after a day or two), but they find out there is something big keeping them apart.  In the end Santa grants a Christmas wish and they live happily ever after.  The last shot is always a kiss. 

After two weekend engrossed in Hallmark channel movies, I finally did something. I made ornaments!

You need double sided Christmas paper and a stapler.  Cut one inch strips, 2 @ 6″, 2 @ 5″, 2 @ 4.5″ and 2 @ 4″.  Start with th 4″ strip put them together with…

Ok, there are better instuctions here, 

Hope you have fun making ornaments!