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Snow Day – Stash Day

Today was a snow day, so in between work emails, I went upstairs and played with my stash. I have a huge stash of stuff. Card stock, patterned paper, and more. I am sure I have told you about my obsession with die cuts, Stampin’ Up, and Project Life cards. I love them all. I buy new and used Stampin’ Up, much to my husband’s consternation. I must have a couple of hundred stamp sets. Many of which I haven’t used yet.

So thinking about how to best use what I have, I got an idea. I could use my Project Life cards on the front greeting card. A while back I ordered a grab bag of envelopes from LCI paper (a great deal of 1000 assorted envelopes, for $40, you don’t know what you’ll get so it’s a surprise). Unfortunately, they sent a grab bag of card stock instead. When I called to let them know of the issue, they told me to keep the paper and sent me the envelopes. Yay for good customer service. So I found some A1 sized pieces in a moss green and looked through my gazillion Project Life cards and found a few I though would coordinate and got started. I used a Sizzix label die cut, pulled out a few random Stampin’ Up stamps and got to town:

I am pretty sure when my mini dachshund barks, she is saying “I hate the mailman!”

I used watercolor pencils for the car. I loved the little puff of smoke with this stamp set. It reminded me of my first car.

These little love birds are precious!

Now I need to find a few stamps and send them off to family and friends. Happy Tuesday to all!

Day 6 & 7

The weekend was way harder than the weekdays. Probably, because I was home near all my food! Eggs came to the rescue again. Saturday we made a tasty potato and egg salad with carrots and celery. Sunday was waffle night. My final count was $24.84.

Overall not too bad, but I did eat free food, you know when someone brings cookies to the office, etc. I also wasted some food, about a dollars worth of ham, two of tomatoes. To really do this right, I would need more planning. Definitely more planning.

So what is my takeaway from last week? I can spend less on food, but I want a bit more flexibility. $3.50 a day is quite restrictive – no coffee or soda, no going out ever, less cheese and less fresh fruits and veggies. I think I will keep up with the home made food, but allow an occasion dinner or lunch out. And I will bring back coffee in the morning, made at home. Wish me luck!

Days 4 & 5 – Eggs are your budget friend

Eggs are one of your best friends when talking budget. A very good source of protein and very tasty. Potatoes are also your friend. Very tasty whether boiled, or fried or roasted. On day three I went over budget with the cookies (they were taken to work where others could partake in their delightfulness), so I needed a few cheaper meals to get back on track.

Extremely cheap dinner 1: Roasted potatoes with dill and salt and a fried egg – $0.40

Extremely cheap dinner 2: Waffles -$0.30

Pretty cheap dinner 3: Home made corn tortillas with homemade black beans, onions and green pepper, and a little cheese and salsa, and an egg – $0.95

So for five days, I have spent $18.13 and I am only slightly over budget. Not bad.

Day 3 РFoiled by Valentine’s Day Cookies

Day three started really well, $0.75 for breakfast, $1.00 for lunch, a couple of snacks, and a really cheap dinner, roasted potatoes and a fried egg. What threw me was the cookies that ended up in my cart at Trader Joe’s. Heart shaped shortbread cookies with jam. Per cookie, $0.28. Three cookies were a whopping $0.84. (They sure were tasty though).

Although I was trying to spend less yesterday, to make up for the over spend on Tuesday, it did not work. My day three total was $3.70. Day 4, here I come!

Day 2…

I was really torn yesterday about trying to stay in budget or to not waste food. Since part of this experiment was to better use what we buy, I went with use the food. I had one of those really tasty chopped salad mixes, the Chipotle one. Yum! It was at its expiration date, and even though it cost $3, I thought it was better to eat it than waste it. So I cooked up a chicken breast and had it for lunch. I shared with my friend, so the lunch cost $2.25, more than I wanted, and put me about $0.80 above what I wanted to spend, but I am happy with my choice. I have about $1 cushion in the weekly budget, so all should be good!

Day 1 – $3.40

Day 2 – $4.55

Day 3 – We shall see

Day one… done

So day one of the great experiment went pretty well. We stayed in budget for the day and even had about $0.20 to spare. For breakfast I had homemade yogurt with honey and walnuts and a banana. A hard boiled egg for a snack, and a big bowl of barley mushroom soup for lunch. Mid day snack was a few almonds. Dinner was veggie fried rice with an egg. I think I am seeing a trend here… eggs.

Eggs are pretty cheap, even if you buy the expensive free range, organic ones. One friend suggested that I get some chickens, but that really seems like too much work.

This chicken sure looks happy!

How low can you go?

So my husband and I were chatting about how much food costs, and asked what is the cheapest two people can eat on for a month. At first I thought $150. Then I got real, and said $200. Looking at what we really spend (maybe three or four times this much) $200 a month will be difficult, really difficult.

So we are going to challenge ourselves to see if we can eat for a week on $50. This means, no Starbucks, no eating out, no drinking soda. It will mean lots of homemade food. We start Monday. We made yogurt yesterday to get us started for breakfast. I made some hard boiled eggs for high protein snacks and we have a mushroom barley soup cooking in the Instant Pot for lunch tomorrow.

Wish us luck!