When You Are Stressed, Make Something!

I have been just a little stressed out at work recently. A colleague retired and we don’t have a replacement yet.  So I am pulling double duty.  It has been fun learning, but I need something to calm down my brain when I get home.  So I have been using my craft room full of toys to destress my life.

This weekend I opened up a new ink for my letterpress.  A beautiful deep purple. I pressed a bunch of “Happy Birthday” tags to use on cards.  Once I have a good example I will post a picture!

I also made up some cute construction themed party invitations using the Stampin’ Up set “Fun on Wheels” set.

Construction Themed Party Invitation
Construction Themed Party Invitation

One thought on “When You Are Stressed, Make Something!”

  1. Crafting is a great way to unwind! My wife and I use that method all the time. It’s a lot better than wasting time watching tv…at least you get something done!


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