Days 4 & 5 – Eggs are your budget friend

Eggs are one of your best friends when talking budget. A very good source of protein and very tasty. Potatoes are also your friend. Very tasty whether boiled, or fried or roasted. On day three I went over budget with the cookies (they were taken to work where others could partake in their delightfulness), so I needed a few cheaper meals to get back on track.

Extremely cheap dinner 1: Roasted potatoes with dill and salt and a fried egg – $0.40

Extremely cheap dinner 2: Waffles -$0.30

Pretty cheap dinner 3: Home made corn tortillas with homemade black beans, onions and green pepper, and a little cheese and salsa, and an egg – $0.95

So for five days, I have spent $18.13 and I am only slightly over budget. Not bad.


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