Day 6 & 7

The weekend was way harder than the weekdays. Probably, because I was home near all my food! Eggs came to the rescue again. Saturday we made a tasty potato and egg salad with carrots and celery. Sunday was waffle night. My final count was $24.84.

Overall not too bad, but I did eat free food, you know when someone brings cookies to the office, etc. I also wasted some food, about a dollars worth of ham, two of tomatoes. To really do this right, I would need more planning. Definitely more planning.

So what is my takeaway from last week? I can spend less on food, but I want a bit more flexibility. $3.50 a day is quite restrictive – no coffee or soda, no going out ever, less cheese and less fresh fruits and veggies. I think I will keep up with the home made food, but allow an occasion dinner or lunch out. And I will bring back coffee in the morning, made at home. Wish me luck!


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