Card-in-a-Box!?! Very Cool

As I have said at least a million times, I love die cuts!  There is just something wonderful about taking a plain card or a box die, choosing just the right paper and rolling it through the Accucut Grande Mark or Sizzix Bigshot.  You have the perfect base to do something incredible.  Or sometimes you really miss the mark and have to start all over.  And you can, because you have the die cut.

I used to send all my flops to my mother.  She didn’t care what the card looked like, she was just happy to hear from me.  She passed away a few years ago, and my pile of flops has grown.  Every time I create something that isn’t quite right, I think of my mom.  Weird, I know, but at least there is something positive that comes out of these flops!

My newest die is for a card-in-a-box.  It has all the cut and score lines, so you don’t have to measure a thing.  I also recently got a Sizzix thinlets die set with coordinating stamps.  The flowers in the set are lovely! I used Copic markers to hand color each of the flowers, the bees and ladybugs.  The happy birthday sentiment was letterpressed with purple ink.

This card certainly wasn’t a flop; my mother would have loved it.

Spring flowers burst out of this card-in-a-box!
Spring flowers burst out of this card-in-a-box!

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