Still Loving Cards-in-a-Box!

My friend at work has a husband.  He has a birthday in May.  After showing her the card-in-a-box I made last week, she asked me if I could make a card for her husband.  I said YES!  What else would I say?

Awhile ago I bought a really cute stamp set on ebay.  The set included a few planets, a rocket and a mini astronaut. I had been planning a card with the astronaut floating above the earth and using the sentiment, “you’re out of this world.”  The card-in-a-box was the perfect way to put this plan into action.  Black cardstock with black sparkle paper made the best space background.  Check it out!

You're out of this world!
You’re out of this world!

My friend said her husband loved his card.  She thought he may have liked the card even more than his gift.


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