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Crafty Journaling

Since the end of March, I have been working from home and basically never leaving the house. My husband has been working from home for 10 years or longer, so he thinks everything is normal. We all know everything is not normal. I have watched everything on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so I need to get back into doing other things. One of those other things is to get more active and watch what I eat. To go along with that, I decided to journal a bit with goal tracking. For me, I want a pretty journal, so I have been doing some art pages.

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Metro Magnets!

Yesterday I had an hour. So I thought what can I do that is crafty, but quick?  Magnets are always quick. So I was thinking about all the cool places in the world and I thought of their subway systems. Have you ever seen the Moscow metro? Gorgeous!!!

So wouldn’t it be fun to make buttons out of metro station maps?  That’s what I did.