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Hallmark Movies Turn Your Brain to Mush…

So it is “Countdown to Christmas” on the Hallmark channel.  Did you know that they have two channels?  So all day long the play these really awesome (if you like sappy, formulaic, hokey love stories) Christmas movies.  You know the kind.  A woman meets a man in a ridiculous situation and they do not get along.  Sparks fly.  You know right away that they will fall in love. Something happens to make them realize that they love each other (usually after a day or two), but they find out there is something big keeping them apart.  In the end Santa grants a Christmas wish and they live happily ever after.  The last shot is always a kiss. 

After two weekend engrossed in Hallmark channel movies, I finally did something. I made ornaments!

You need double sided Christmas paper and a stapler.  Cut one inch strips, 2 @ 6″, 2 @ 5″, 2 @ 4.5″ and 2 @ 4″.  Start with th 4″ strip put them together with…

Ok, there are better instuctions here, 

Hope you have fun making ornaments!


It’s a Whole New Year!

I have been making handmade Christmas cards since 2000.  We have a lot of family overseas, and they look forward to getting our holiday cards.  Our cousin got married a couple of years ago, and his best man, whom we had never met, wasn’t interested in the fact that we were cousins from America, he was excited because he got to meet the Christmas card people.

So when my friend told me that she did not get a chance to send out Christmas cards this year, due to traveling over the holidays, and asked me if I could help her make New Year’s cards I jumped at the chance.

I used the Accucut, A2 step card die, with craft colored paper.  A Sizzlets set from Sizzix for the 2015, a Stampin Up label punch and a Hero Arts sentiment.  Of course the beautiful family is my friend and her husband, son and mother-in-law.  I think the cards turned out lovely.  Hope you like them!

Handmade 2015 New Year's Card
Handmade 2015 New Year’s Card

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you were on the nice list this year!  I think I was. 😄!

These past two weeks have been crazy!  All my free time was taken up with getting ready for today.

My sister has joined me in the year of craftiness project and has completed her first project.  She is an elementary school teacher and wanted to do something special for her fellow teachers; so she made wooden Santa Claus ornaments for each of them. They are totally cute!

Wooden ornament hand cut and hand painted.
Wooden ornament hand cut and hand painted.

First she used the scroll saw to cut the various pieces.  Then she hand painted each piece, glued them in place and added a button nose.  What fun!

I hope you and your loved ones have a spectacular Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Little Gifts Need Little Boxes

I found the cutest little body butters at The Body Shop last week. They were on sale, so… I got one for all my co-workers. They will make a perfect little Christmas gift!

Next I needed a perfect way to wrap them. I love die cuts! I have Sizzix, and Quick Cuts, and a Slice with about 10 cartridges and two Cricut cutting systems. But my favorite of all is the Accucut Grande Mark. This giant machine cuts perfectly every time. I knew just the box for these little goodies and had a fabulous holiday paper.

This self closing box needs no adhesive. Just run through the die cut machine and fold on the score lines. Tuck the tabs in the slot and you are good to go.

I hope all my co-workers like their gifts!

Little Gift Box
Little Gift Box
Little body butter from The Body Shop
Little body butter from The Body Shop

Christmas Card Project

A year of craftiness starts with a Christmas card.

I have been making Christmas cards for our friends and family since 2000.  It was a fluke.  I was laid off from a small computer company (a victim of the 2000 dot com bust).  Luckily, I was only out of work for two weeks.  During that time I watched way too much Home and Garden TV.  On one program they made a beautiful flip card.  It was so cool, and I had time.  Hours and hours later, I had 35 flip cards.  An obsession was born!

This year I found out about quilling; using strips of paper to make various shapes.  I saw some fabulous quilled snowflakes and knew that would make the perfect card for 2014.


  • Stardream paper
  • Card Square Stand-ups from Sizzix
  • Three Birds quilling paper
  • Jolly Bingo Bits from Stampin Up! Snowflake
  • Holiday Happiness from Stampin Up! “Happy Holidays”
  • Baker’s twine
Quilled snowflake
Quilled snowflake

Let me know if you like my card. Happy Crafting!